A safe browser for curious kids ages 4 to 10. Turning the internet into an extension of parenting, not of big tech.


With digital childhoods now global norm, the biggest challenges faced by parents today has become managing their children's access and use of connect devices and the open Internet.

URSOR is a browser for kids that doesn't track them, doesn't serve them ads, and doesn't treat them like a product. It brings the internet to kids, as opposed to bringing kids to the internet.

For children - URSOR is a safe place to discover new passions and interests independently, through a thoughtful search experience that entertains, educates, and helps acquire useful knowledge.

For parents - URSOR is a platform that lets them monitor what their children see, manage screen time, and take part in their children's internet exploration journey without stress or fear.

Inspired by the vastness of the universe, as a reflection of the vastness of the internet, we developed a generative word-mark and kite-mark for use across a variety of platforms.

It gives parents the ability to choose exactly what links appear in their children's browser, following a bottom-up approach to building a directory of links whitelisted by families.

Additionally to the App, we designed, built and launched a set of 4 micro-SaaS products as growth hacks, allowing us to build a community and mailing list ahead of our browser launch.

URSOR is FINH first end-to-end project, taking an idea from coffee shop to launch, using exclusively internal resources, from design, to build, to branding, to marketing.

URSOR also solves some key issues with current platforms such a YouTube, stopping the dreaded recommender system that always leads to addictive, and unwanted unwrapping video binges.

We developed a set of brand guidelines, inclusive of colours that remind us of the sky, and a typeface that feels soft, playful, but also informative, with a little bit of benevolent authority.

URSOR's visual language is composed of 4 core icons, and fun 3D illustrations, each representing a core belief and value. The elements easily assemble into any asset required now and in the future.

We developed a set of templates and tools to make the creation of communications material fast and effective, and developed a website to help communicate URSOR's value propositions and attract new customers.