Strategy, branding, app design & development for Noones, the Bitcoin super app for the Global South.


Noones is a peer-2-peer marketplace for the Global South. A Swiss army knife for payments, allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to connect, transact, and exchange value via 300+ payment methods that use Bitcoin as their clearing layer.

The identity blends aspects of 8-Bit gaming, Afro-futurism, and the vibrant colours of Nigeria’s own national identity. The name Noones or No ones, pronounced how-ever you wish, was picked to imbue the app with a declarative, rebellious tone the underdog youth of Nigeria, Noones beach-head market, could rally behind, giving them a sense of belonging within a grass-roots movement.

The app was designed and built by a taskforce of 11x designers and full-stack developers from FINH HQ.

The design process took us deep into the heart of the streets, where we strived to capture the nuances of true peer-2-peer trading dynamics amongst the youth of the Global South.

An iterative and fast paced process that allowed us to break down an inherently complex trading mechanic into a simple, joyful and playful experience, something FINH is known for.

We worked with the Noones leadership team to strategise, staff and implement a “boots on the ground” growth campaign, mobilising an army of youth ambassadors across African cities that have now allowed Noones to grow at neck-breaking pace, with over $120M+ in monthly volumes, 50,000+ daily trades, and close to 8 Million daily active users.