Free Ideas #002

Censor resistant Stellar-based Twitter

By Filippo Yacob

When we started building Pigzbe, I became super interested in Stellar's memo system, and when our App started to work, I found myself using it as a mini SMS service.

Now imagine exploiting Stellar's memo feature to build a transparent messaging App, where the messages are forever etched on the blockchain, and your account is simply a non custodial Stellar wallet.

Sending a message from one account to another would cost 0.00001 XLM, which at time of writing is ~$0.00005. If the message has to be longer than the 28 character length allowed, say 280 characters, the message could be split across 10 transactions, and still cost ~$0.0005 per message.

All you would need is an interface to break-up the message across 10 transactions, and re-assemble them at the receiving end. Roll an IPFS integration in, and you’ve got the ability to share images at no extra cost (thank you Matlo for scaffolding this little detail).

Yes, you would need to fund your Stellar account with 1 XLM, which costs a non trivial ~$0.5, but once that's taken care of, the Stellar Foundation are very generous, and they regularly fund wallets with airdrops.

I also have a feeling that the hosting fees for such a service would be super-negligible, as the entire messaging history for the service would be indelibly recorded in Stellar's Blockchain.

I’m sure that you could build this on Binance Chain, or on/with Lightning network, but I don’t know nothin ‘bout no blockchain. I just know about this. I also don’t know exactly how useful this service would be, or that it would really be a censor-proof chat service, but it sounds fun.

I call this concept "Bacon Chat" and I'd love for someone to make it.