Free Ideas #001

Nyan Cat + Connected Hamster wheel

By Filippo Yacob

I’ve been saying this for years, and I’ll say it again. Bringing house-pets in the Metaverse is one of the largest untapped frontiers in gaming. From rodents to lizards to birds, we just love our pets, and our bank accounts confirm this. The global pets industry is worth a whopping $XXXm annually, and our household pets are second only to our own children when it comes to household expenses. So here’s the big idea...

A connected Hamster Wheel + App in which you create a hamster avatar. The connected hamster wheel can calculate the distance covered by the little fella. The hamster avatars race in a Nyan cat inspired user interface that shows how far each hamster has run. You can take your hamster in and out of races, create your own, or just let them run through a solo journey across the world.

The possibilities are endless. The same platform and principles could apply to other living pets, not just hamsters. The technology for the connected wheel would be easy to implement and cheap to produce, and I would bet good money kids of all ages would LOVE this.

I had a pet Hamster growing up. Harry. Harry was a magical creature. I loved him. I spent all sorts of moneys decking out his cage with slides and swings. I even bought him a little harness to take him on walks. I would have lost my mind for a product like this.

Who wants to make it!