Creating an identity for a New York based immersive VR-experience company. Service Design case-study coming soon...


Sprouting out of the New York concrete, Feeel is an immersive VR touring platform that helps people discover the thrill of their next destination with a cheaper, greener, and faster way to their next adventure. FINH developed a Brand Identity, targeted at a Millenia audience, based on connecting to the feeling of a particular place as opposed to a technology.

At the core of Feeel’s Identity is a visual language created around the concept of a VR journey as a portal to a future feeling. Every journey is a funnel to a new experience that can take you from anywhere to everywhere. From Cabo, to Como, from your couch.

We crafted a complete brand system, based on a flexible type configuration, colour scheme, and shape generator that felt fresh, more current, and bold. Communicating a vibe that exists at the intersection of four worlds; Hospitality x Technology x Romance x Structure.

The system is made up of componable visual elements that come together to form digital and print assets across a variety of platforms, and a more raw, more real output that's more lifestyle than tech, and a bit more human too! More like flipping through a pack of disposable prints than wearing a clunky headset.