An Ai-Pocket Field Guid For ecology guardians ages 6 and up. It's like a Pokedex, except its real.


Inspired by the legendary Pokedex, ASH was developed as a digital artefact that could help children connect and learn about and protect the biodiversity that surrounds them every day.

ASH is an AI powered device, designed for active nature discovery, no distractions, just adventure! We developed ASH as a response to the accelerating loss in global biodiversity. We can't protect what we don't know, and ASH can help a generation of ecology guardians learn to notice, love and protect the myriad creatures that surround us.

ASH engages little players through a simple discovery led play mechanic, facilitated by a familiar, modern interaction: the point and click digital camera. Children are encouraged to take photos of the life-forms that surround them, and the AI turns their photos into instant, fact-filled animal cards. From house pets to plants to rare bugs, collecting them all is the adventure!

Our team developed a unique UI for each animal card, as well as a set of collectible badges to reward players that take discovery seriously. We also designed an experience for parents, giving them full control over the data collected by their children, keeping them informed and in the loop.

FINH led the project from ideation to launch in a 4 week sprint. The project was prototyped with open technologies such as SLS 3D printers, and a Coral board from Google that runs the iNaturalist dataset for species recognition.