Safeguarding Bitcoin with regulated insurance and custody solutions - backed by Lloyd’s of London.


Anchorwatch is part of a new breed of insurtech companies that focuses on one thing only: insuring your Bitcoin holdings against the threats you fear most by combining regulated insurance with state-of-the-art custody solutions.

FINH proudly joined the Anchorwatch team at the start of their journey two years ago as an embedded design and front-end development team, in charge of brand, product design, and web development.

Core to the project is the creation of a calming, reassuring, and monolithic brand. As the name suggests, we took inspiration from the sea and the maritime industry, which is synonymous with the birth of insurance.

We developed extensive brand guidelines for applications in both product and marketing collateral, which continue to be used to produce internal and external communication materials that feel coherent, safe, and solid.

Our team of UX, UI, and service designers worked hand in glove with the Anchorwatch team to produce an experience that makes acquiring, insuring, and managing Bitcoin simpler and easier to understand.